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Campground And Timeshare Registration


It is unlawful to offer or sell a subdivided land (Timeshare) interest or a membership camping contract in Minnesota unless that interest or contract is either registered or exempt from registration.

The filing fee for an application for registration of membership camping contracts is $500. Fees for an application for registration of subdivided land is $150 for a notification registration, and $400 plus $1 per potential sale with a cap of $3500 for a qualification registration.

The law provides consumer protection to purchasers. The requirements of this statute are in addition to any local government requirements. The membership camping practices law is found in Ch. 82A of the Minnesota statutes and the subdivided land law is found in Ch. 83 and Minn. Rule 2810. The forms for subdivided land begin at Minn. Rule 2810.9910. You can go directly to for statutes and rules.

If you have any questions about registering the land, call 651-539-1625.

If you have questions about licenses for individuals, call 651-539-1599.