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Education for Providers And Coordinators

Information on license education programs for providers and coordinators.

Course Applications
Requirements and application forms for obtaining pre-license education, continuing education, subsequent offerings, and course renewals.

Instructor Change Application
Application to add or replace a continuing education instructor.

Instructor Extra CE Credit
Continuing Education class instructors are entitled to extra CE credits for their teaching work. The instruction must be for a course pre-approved by the Department of Commerce and does not apply to authors of Internet course material. A full explanation and an application form to claim the credit is available here.

Provider-Coordinator Approval Applications
Information regarding requirements for approved coordinators or providers of license education programs for Real Estate, Appraisers, and Insurance. Includes necessary forms.

Provider-Coordinator Notices
Important information on the technology surcharge, license surcharge, licensing changes, and more.

Qualified Provider-Coordinator Applications
Information regarding special requirements for currently approved Standard Providers to apply for Qualified Provider approval. Includes necessary forms for providers and courses.