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Governor’s Task Force issues preliminary outline for border-to-border broadband

January 31, 2012

For Immediate Release

ST. PAUL, MN – The Governor’s Task Force on Broadband today issued a preliminary report that will lay the groundwork for a comprehensive broadband action plan. The Minnesota Broadband Plan Outline issued today will guide the continuing work of the Task Force as it develops specific recommendations for achieving border-to-border broadband access and adoption in all Minnesota communities – urban, rural, and suburban.

Established by executive order, the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband – which represents a diverse balance of broadband interests including consumers, businesses, residential users, educational and health care institutions, traditional telephone and cable companies, wireless providers, and local units of government – has worked collaboratively over the last several months to develop this initial outline. The goal of this document is to provide an initial roadmap that will:

  • Move the state aggressively forward in efforts to meet the statutory broadband goals and Governor Dayton’s desire for ubiquitous broadband in Minnesota

  • Establish a Task Force work plan and timeline for 2012 and beyond

  • Ensure broadband stakeholders and policymakers are aware of how Minnesota is doing in its efforts to meet the state’s broadband goals

  • Introduce a set of recommendations that the Task Force believes will help to ensure Minnesota meets our broadband goals and becomes a national leader in developing the economic and social benefits of ubiquitous broadband

Included in the outline is an appendix that establishes a timeline for Task Force deliverables throughout the year, including the creation and submission of an Annual Report to be completed by December 10 of each year for the duration of the Task Force’s work. That Annual Report will consistently provide the state an ability to benchmark Minnesota’s efforts toward achieving our 2015 goals as established by statute.

“The future of a student in Duluth, the vitality of a small business in Luverne, and the ability of a hospital in Burnsville to meet the needs of its patients will rely in part on the work we do together to tangibly achieve Minnesota’s statutory broadband goals,” said Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman, who oversees the state’s Broadband Development Office.

“Representing a broad spectrum of interests, the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband is carefully reviewing the challenges and opportunities facing Minnesota in that effort. This constructive partnership will give Minnesota a roadmap forward as this administration works aggressively to attain Minnesota’s broadband goals.”

More information about the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband and the state of broadband in Minnesota can be found on the Minnesota Department of Commerce website.