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    Tax Time Allows For Perfect "Money Moment"

    Posted on March 25, 2014 at 8:46 AM

    If you are like most people, taxes are probably a somewhat annoying chore. The beauty of tax time is that allows you take a look at the whole financial picture and re-assess your goals. It's a perfect "money moment."

    How to make the most of your money moment:
    • Was your New Year's resolution to save money? Take that refund that's burning a hole in your pocket and put it away in savings account. If you don't  have a savings account, now is the perfect time to open one.  You can start saving for long-term goals or in the event of an emergency.
    • While you are filing taxes, take a look at your spending. Is it in line with your income?
    • And don't forget those tax credits. Accountability MN has a "Claim It" campaign. Their IRS-certified volunteers can help you claim tax credits that you deserve. 
    Many Minnesotans might dread tax time, but filing taxes can be a valuable, once-a-year opportunity, to evaluate finances and start saving. Tracy Fischman, Executive Director at Accountability Minnesota, joins Commissioner Rothman in offering advice to Minnesotans on how to use tax season to get on the right financial path. Listen to Minutes with Mike Podcast with Tracy Fischman 

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