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Do You Need a Certificate of Authority?

Download a Certificate of Authority Checklist (.pdf) to help you determine if you need a certificate of authority from the Public Utilities Commission.

Getting Certified



All telecommunications carriers, telephone companies and service resellers must file an application with the Department of Commerce for a “certificate of authority” to do business in Minnesota. Initial applications must be accompanied by a $570 filing fee. 

All telecommunications providers must pay an annual assessment based on gross state revenues. Call 651-539-1530 for more information.

In addition to federal, state and municipal taxes, telecommunications carriers that provide local service are required to assess and collect fees for 911, Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP), and Telecommunications Access Minnesota (TAM). Visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website for more information.

Ongoing Filing Instructions

Certified telecommunication carriers may decide to change or end operations in Minnesota. Download filing instructions (.pdf) for some of the most common filings required.

Tariff Filing Checklist

Download a tariff filing checklist. (.pdf)