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Medical & Health

Helpful consumer information from our experts about medical and health insurance issues, including federal health care reform, the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (our insurer of last resort), health care scams, Medicare supplement plans, Medicare prescription drug plans and how to make a complaint or file an appeal of a health care decision.


  • Health Insurance Rate Review

    The Insurance Division reviews proposed rate increases to ensure that they are both reasonable and justifiable.

  • View Rates

    Search public filings using the SERFF Tool.

  • Additional Resources

    Links to other resources on health and medical insurance in Minnesota.


  • Health Insurance

    Tips on what to look for and what to avoid in health insurance, a glossary of health insurance terms and a list of individual health plans.

  • Health Insurance Reform

    Consumer, employer and carrier information on federal health care reform and what it means for Minnesota.


  • Long-Term Care

    Helpful consumer information from our experts on long-term care insurance and the Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership.


  • MCHA & Other Options

    Information on the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association, our insurer of last resort and other options.


  • Medicare

    Consumer info on Medicare Part D and premium rates for Medicare Supplement Plans.