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Health Insurance Reform

Information on federal health insurance reform and what it means in Minnesota.


  • Consumers & Employers

    Information for consumers and employers from our experts on how federal health care reform affects the insurance market in Minnesota.

  • Essential Health Benefits

    The Affordable Care Act requires health plans offered in the individual and small group markets to offer a comprehensive package of items and services.

  • Health Reform Minnesota

    Working for better care, lower cost, and healthier communities. Learn how Minnesota is moving forward.


  • Minnesota’s Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)

    Medical Loss Ratio is the percentage of health insurance premiums that are spent by the insurance company on health care services.

  • Resources & Details

    Documents from various resources on the timing of implementation, questions and next steps in implementing federal health insurance reform.


  • Small Group Market

    Information on the Small Group Health Insurance Market Working Group, created to study and report on the options available to increase rate predictability and stability for groups of 100 or fewer employees.