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What We Do: Home Insurance

The Minnesota Department of Commerce regulates insurance agents, agencies, adjusters, and companies
operating in Minnesota. If they are licensed to do business in the State, they are responsible for adhering
to the laws and rules that govern the industry.

Our Consumer Response Team (CRT) helps consumers with questions about laws concerning industries regulated by the Department of Commerce. You may also check on the status of a license held by an industry practitioner. In addition, if there is a dispute with a licensee, the CRT will attempt to resolve the matter informally. If the dispute can not be resolved, the CRT will suggest the consumer write a letter, with all of the relevant information, in order to begin a formal investigation.

If you have a question about your insurance, please contact the department’s Consumer Response Team at 651-539-1600, or toll free 800-657-3602.

If you are unable to resolve a problem or complaint with your insurance company, write to:
Consumer Protection & Education Division
85 Seventh Place East,
St. Paul, MN, 55101

Our Enforcement Division investigates written complaints against licensees. Investigations seek to determine if there has been a violation of current Minnesota statutes or rules. If a violation has occurred, administrative sanctions (license revocation, fines, etc.) may be taken. We will attempt to secure the payment of claims or obtain refunds for consumers who have been victimized by licensee misconduct. When filing a complaint:

  • Write, in your own words, the details of the dispute

  • Include as many details as possible such as dates, what was said, policy and claim numbers, etc.

  • Provide copies of relevant documents

  • Include your phone number and return address

2012 Minnesota Homeowners Report

The Minnesota Homeowners Report (.pdf) is completed annually by the Minnesota Department of Commerce to provide Minnesota residents with a general understanding of trends in the Minnesota Homeowners Marketplace so that they can make informed decisions when insuring often their most valuable investment. Minnesota has a relatively competitive homeowners insurance market – the largest group has roughly one quarter of the market share with a total of sixty-eight groups participating.