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Floods & Storms

While we don't oversee the National Flood Insurance Program, our experts understand how coverage works and can help you weigh the costs and benefits of flood insurance and get help in the aftermath of a disaster.


  • What We Do

    Flood insurance is a federal program, but we can help you understand how flood insurance works and offer assistance after disaster strikes.

  • Business Property & Flood Insurance

    As a business owner, you know that protecting your building and your contents is vital to its survival. What you need before disaster strikes. 

  • Companies Selling Flood Insurance

    A list of private insurance companies that sell flood insurance.

  • Flood Insurance Basics

    As the second largest natural disaster, floods are widespread and can cause much more than property damage. Learn about flood insurance before it's too late.

  • Other Resources

    In addition to the links provided in the Flood & Storms section of our website, flood and storm victims will find several other resources from our website helpful.


  • Sewer Backup Policy: Do You Need It?

    Even if your home or businesses is not in the path of rising flood waters, your property may still be at risk of damage from sewer backup.


  • Taking Care of Finances

    Homeowners affected by severe flooding or storms should begin communicating immediately with lenders about mortgage and other loan payments payments.


  • Tips for Flood/Storm Victims

    Commerce officials recommend that homeowners affected by floods or storms take the following three steps to begin the claims process.


  • What Is/Isn't Covered?

    An illustration indicating the types of property covered by flood insurance and what is not covered. Provided by the MN Department of Natural Resources.