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Life General Instructions

Instructions, information and bulletins related to life filings.

Bulletin 2005-8
Procedure for expedited review of Life or Annuity Form and Rate Filing. For all companies authorized to sell life insurance and annuities in Minnesota.

Insurance Data Report Formats 
A description of various required reports that are not generally filed through SERFF. Includes type of report and acceptable filing format/s.

Life insurance illustrations filing guidance 
NEW! Minnesota Statutes have established two new and separate reporting, filing and disclosure requirements related to life insurance illustrations. One is related to new SERFF filings, and the other must be filed at a specific email address. This document provides instructions on how to comply with each and includes a special email address for filings.

Minnesota Interest Rate or Mortality Table Change Standards 
These instructions have been updated to reflect the revisions necessary effective January 1, 2013.