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Protecting and informing consumers is an important part of the work we do every day at the Minnesota Department of Commerce. You can find a wealth of insurance-related information no matter where you are in your insurance life.


  • Consumer Alerts

    Find the latest consumer alerts to help you make educated insurance decisions.

  • Drivers

    How does auto insurance in Minnesota work? How much insurance do you need? And how do you file a claim?

  • Life & Annuities

    Helpful consumer information on annuities and life insurance, two important products in most people's investment mix.

  • Established Families

    As the value of your home and other assets increase, and as your child or children approach college age, your insurance needs will change.


  • Farmers

    Information about crop and livestock insurance.


  • Homeowners & Renters

    Helpful consumer information from our experts regarding homeowners insurance policies, claims, flood insurance and title insurance.


  • Seniors

    From homeowners insurance to buying life insurance or an annuity, the decisions you are making today are changing. We can help.


  • Young Families

    Getting married and having children changes all aspects of your insurance considerations. We can help you navigate these new waters.


  • Young Singles

    At this point in your life, it's important to understand that your financial decisions have long-term implications, especially with insurance.