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Legal Helpers Debt Resolution

Did you do business with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? If so, you may be eligible to receive restitution. Commerce recently reached a settlement with Legal Helpers to pay restitution to Minnesota consumers.  The Department is in the process of notifying affected consumers of the restitution by letter.  If you think you may be eligible for restitution and have not received a letter, return this letter or contact Commerce’s Consumer Response Team at 651-539-1600 or (800) 657-3602.

Commerce Commissioner orders Legal Helpers to pay $187,500 in restitution to Minnesota consumers (Press Release)

Disaster Information Center

When a flood or storm hits, consumers and businesses have a variety of insurance issues to address. This Disaster Information Center will help you prepare for the worst and make informed insurance decisions after a catastrophic loss.

Minnesota Recognizes Flood Awareness Week, Commerce Reminds Consumers to Plan Ahead to Weather the Storm (Press Release)

Tips for Minnesotans on Ride-Sharing Services

Before hitting the road, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is offering the following consumer information to drivers and customers to explain potential insurance issues for Minnesotans interested in participating in ride-sharing or transportation networking company (TNC) services.

Commerce Sense Blog

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is here to help you make “sense” of your dollars and cents. Our blog helps you read the fine print, avoid financial pitfalls, and take charge of your money.

The Top 5 things you Need to Know about Money

Left to Right: Commissioner Rothman and Darryl Dahlheimer.

Minnesota Health Insurance Rate Review

Minnesota Department of Commerce - Insurance reviews proposed rate increases to ensure that they are both reasonable and justified. After each rate filing is reviewed, approved, and effective for sale in Minnesota, it is posted in the Minnesota Health Insurance Rate Review section of the website.

Unclaimed Property

Do you have some unclaimed funds or property waiting for you? Our Unclaimed Property Unit can help. Search for a name and file a claim right now.

Watch the ABC Good Morning America "Unclaimed Property: Free Cash at the Mall of America?" segment that originally aired on 09/30/12.