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Energy Solutions Home Exhibit 2012

The Energy Solutions Home, developed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce - Energy Resources Division, has an exhibit at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair to educate homeowners on energy efficiency measures. 

Homeowners will have opportunities to learn how to improve their existing homes. 

  • Renewable area with a hands-on solar siting display will allow fairgoers to simulate the action of the sun through the day and seasons to illustrate the solar potential on a residential site.
  • An interactive Home Performance display will answer questions about statewide energy use and discover the environmental impact of a typical Minnesota home. 
  • Home Assessment display will help homeowners identify how their homes currently operate before embarking on home improvement projects.  
  • A Home Envelope display will illustrate the proper methods for air sealing and insulating your home.

Learn More

More information about selected topics featured in our exhibit is available in the four sections below.


Air Leaks & Ice Dams

Air infiltration can be easily controlled in a home. Learn how to look for and seal up air leaks in attics. 


Appliances consume a lot of energy. Learn about ways to run your appliances more efficiently.


There are many options for fixtures and bulbs when it comes to lighting. Learn how to select and use lighting efficiently.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are common leakage points that result in energy loss in winter and summer. Learn about best practices for caulking and weatherstripping.

Contact Us

Direct contact to the Energy Information Center which specializes in consumer and contractor energy issues. Also information about renewable energy sources.

1-800-657-3710 (MN only)
651-539-0109 FAX

Consumer Guides

Our energy euides cover these home energy topics:

Home Envelope (.pdf)
This guide describes the basic components of a house that separate the outdoors from the indoors. It contains ways to reduce energy use with insulation, air-sealing, windows, and doors. Information is included on how to assess the current operation of your home through an energy audit and how to begin the process of tightening your home to curtail energy consumption.

A significant portion of home energy use is for all of the common things that make our lives easier and safer. The Appliances, Lighting, and Electronics guide discusses options for reducing energy consumption of these devices by changing when and how we use them. Additionally, there is information on what to consider when you are repairing or replacing these items.