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Solar Program Applicant Log-in Request

Solar professionals urged to lead application process

Installers and developers are encouraged to lead the application process on behalf of their clients and complete a request for an applicant log-in and password. Applicants, typically solar installers or developers, should read the entire Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Application Guidelines prior to starting the application process. Commerce discourages individuals or businesses who are not the installer or developer from applying for an applicant log-in due to the technical information that is required in the application. Prior to beginning the application process and to request for applicant log-in, solar pros should see the Made in Minnesota Application.

In order to access the State of Minnesota’s Made in Minnesota (MiM) solar rebate programs in PowerClerk®, please complete this form below.

To submit a solar PV production based incentive request or solar thermal rebate request, your company must be designated as an Applicant and have at least one person designated under company contact as an Applicant.  This person will be issued a log-in and password to enable them to submit and track applications.  Please allow two business days upon submittal of this form to receive your log-in credentials. 

The applicant, seller and installer may or may not be the same party.  The incentive may be paid to the applicant, seller, installer, system owner or another designated party.  The designation for who will receive the incentive must be listed on the payee page of the application.  The payee must have received a State of Minnesota Vendor ID number.

Solar Program Applicant Log In Request Form (.pdf)