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News, Presentations & Updates

Links to news stories, press releases, public presentations and program updates.

News, Presentations and Updates

Presentation to the Northfield Climate Summit 2014 (.pdf)
An overview of energy efficiency strategies and the Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program.

Xcel ratepayers underwrite major solar push in Minnesota (
State utility regulators have approved $42 million in Xcel Energy Inc. grants for renewable energy generation and research projects. The largest share of the money, 42 percent, is slated for 16 solar-electric generating projects across the state.

Renewable energy projects that won Xcel Energy grants (
Twenty energy projects, mostly large solar power arrays, have been awarded $26.5 million in the latest round of grants form the Xcel Energy Renewable Development Fund.

Program Updates

2014 Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program Lottery Results

The projects highlighted in red have been selected for funding, while those highlighted in black are wait listed. Projects not included on the list were not selected to participate in the lottery. All project applicants, host customers and installers will receive an email and all host customers will receive a USPS letter confirming the results.

January 16, 2014

  • Vendor ID Number: State of Minnesota Vendor ID Numbers are no longer required to submit an application to the Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program.  If the designated payee does not have a Minnesota Vendor ID Number, applicants should enter "0000" (four zeroes) in the MN Vendor ID field on the payee page of the application.  Entering "0000"in lieu of an actual MN Vendor ID Number will satisfy the system's requirement for a MN Vendor ID Number and allow the application to be submitted.  However, upon notice that funding has been reserved, a MN Vendor ID Number must be obtained and entered onto the payee's page prior to submitting the Notice of Completion. 

  • Premise Number for Minnesota Power Customers: The Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program application requires a customer's utility premise number to be entered on the project site page of the application. However, Minnesota Power customers do not have a premise number.  Minnesota Power applicants should re-enter the customer's meter number in the premise number field.