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Fairgoers took the Home Energy IQ test at the 2013 State Fair Home Energy exhibit.

Estimated 250,000 visit Home Energy exhibit at 2013 State Fair

An estimated 250,000 people visited the Eco Experience at this year’s Minnesota State Fair, and it’s fair to say that most of those fairgoers took in the Home Energy exhibit, the centerpiece of the Eco Experience that was coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources (DER). This year’s Home Energy exhibit was a huge success, thanks to 11 new educational displays that showcased energy efficiency and renewable energy for Minnesota homeowners.

“The State Fair is by far the biggest outreach event for our division each year, and this year it got even better,” said Bill Grant, deputy commissioner of DER. “We had the opportunity to speak with thousands of Minnesotans about energy efficiency, conservation, and renewables, and hopefully we helped them move a little further on the pathway to making their homes more comfortable, more efficient, and safer for their families.”

Grant said the Home Energy exhibit enhanced its mission of delivering key messages about energy-saving home improvements, thanks to the contributions of a wide range of partners—state agencies, utilities, retailers, neighborhood energy groups, nonprofits, trade organizations, finance agencies, and more. For instance, this year’s exhibit was greatly enhanced by new solar and wind energy displays created by DER in partnership with the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society and Windustry.

Other Home Energy exhibitors/partners included Center for Energy and Environment, Warners’ Stellian, CenterPoint Energy, Clean Energy Resource Teams, Natural Built Home, ReUSE Minnesota, Minnesota Building Performance Association, and Quarve Contracting.

The Home Energy exhibit was coordinated by DER in collaboration with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), which oversees the overall Eco Experience attraction. The Eco Experience earned the State Fair’s “Best Attraction” People’s Choice Award, an honor voted on by fairgoers after the first week of the fair. 

Thousands of information pieces, including more than 7,000 DER consumer energy guides, were given to fairgoers.

DER looks forward to working with the MPCA and partners next year to build on their shared goal of educating the public about effective approaches to energy improvement.