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Solar value methodology draft unveiled; comments due Dec. 10

An initial draft of a solar value methodology was presented by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Clean Power Research on Nov. 19 at a workshop at the Science Museum of Minnesota in Saint Paul.  A summary of the draft was presented and questions were taken from the crowd of about 80. The initial Draft Value of Solar Methodology (pdf) is posted online. Comments on the draft methodology are due by Dec. 10 and may be sent to The comments will inform the final draft of the Value of Solar Tariff methodology that the Department must submit to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) by Jan. 31, 2014.

Minnesota legislation passed in 2013 allows investor-owned utilities to apply to the PUC for a value of solar tariff as an alternative to net metering. Commerce is required to submit a methodology that includes the value of energy and its delivery, generation capacity, transmission capacity, transmission and distribution line losses, and environmental value. A credit to the solar generator will represent the present value of the future revenue streams of these components. More information is available on the Minnesota Value of Solar Tariff Methodology webpage.