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ITAC adds to its Unified List of qualified medium-sized wind turbines

The Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC) recently added the first 275 kW wind turbine to its Unified List of wind turbines. ITAC, a project of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), announced that the Vergnet GEV MP turbine model and its two versions (MP-C and MP-R) meet ITAC’s medium wind turbine requirements, a unique set of eligibility criteria that address the performance and reliability of turbines with a rotor swept area of more than 200m2 (meters squared) and up to 1,000m2. The Vergnet turbine joins three other medium-sized turbines on the medium-sized Unified List, released in January 2013.

The criteria and requirements developed for the review will increase consumer confidence in wind technology, provide consistency to public clean energy programs, and ensure that tax or ratepayer funding supports the installation of reliable and safe wind energy technology. The addition of the Vergnet turbine to the ITAC Unified List will increase customers’ choices and adds a higher-rated power class to the list, according to CESA.

To view the list of ITAC turbine requirements and the full list of qualified turbines, please visit ITAC’s web page. More information on the Vergnet GEV MP turbine certification is available here (.pdf).