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Version 1.1 of Technical Reference Manual released for program year 2014

The Technical Reference Manual (TRM) defines standard algorithms and assumptions for quantifying the savings that result from common energy efficiency and conservation measures installed through the Conservation Improvement Program. Commerce has released version 1.1 of the TRM as an update to version 1.0, which applies to the 2014 program year. A PDF of the TRM is available.

Version 1.1 corrects errors and missing information in Version 1.0 discovered by Commerce CIP staff after its release. In addition, Version 1.1 includes an update to the commercial/industrial (C/I) lighting measures recommended by the TRM lighting workgroup. The update increases the peak demand coincidence factor for grocery stores from 69% to 90%, increasing the peak demand savings that can be claimed for grocery store lighting projects.
Other changes include:

  •  A slight increase to the baseline wattages for incandescent lighting to account for the gradual depletion of non-EISA compliant lighting from the market, which increases the savings from residential and commercial/lighting measures that use incandescent lighting as a baseline.
  •  A change to the electric and gas commercial water heater measures to cap the savings if the amount of hot water that can be delivered is limited by the heating capacity or tank size of the water heater.

The 2014 TRM Smart Measure library on ESP® is based on Version 1.1 of the TRM.

Utilities may continue to use the Version 1.0 measures to calculate savings, or optionally switch to Version 1.1.

As a reminder, TRM updates do not automatically trigger changes to the approved technical deemed savings assumptions for investor-owned utility CIP plans.

C/I Lighting Smart Measures Updated

Commerce CIP staff created new versions of the C/I Lighting Smart Measures in ESP® that will automatically go into production by July 28, 2014. The new versions include the higher coincidence factor for grocery stores described above.

Version 1.2 of Technical Reference Manual (TRM) is released for PY 2015

Commerce CIP staff have been working with our contractor to put together a new TRM release by August 1 for use by cooperatives and municipals in planning for 2015. The release will also apply to the savings calculated for measures installed in 2015. 
The release was triggered by updates to the Minnesota residential and commercial energy codes and changes to federal standards that have occurred since TRM 1.0 was drafted in 2012. Commerce CIP staff have been in communication with the TRM Advisory Committee regarding the changes. At this point, due to the timing of when the new Minnesota energy codes will take effect, currently slated for early 2015, Commerce has decided not to implement the Minnesota energy code changes in TRM 1.2. However, changes to federal standards will impact certain measures. 
Please contact Joe Plummer with any questions on the TRM announcements.