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Webinar: Improving Energy Efficiency in Convenience Stores

Date: Thursday, Nov. 21

Time: 1–2:00 p.m. CST

Presented by: Michaels Energy

Presenter: Nancy Kelly, ME

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As the business model for convenience stores has shifted from automotive services to retail sales of gas, food and drink, their plug load, lighting, and refrigeration loads have grown rapidly, providing opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. Michaels Energy recently completed a CARD-funded study that identified these energy efficiency opportunities through energy audits in a sample of 50 Minnesota stores. Since heating fuel use for the stores in this sample was so minor, electricity use was a primary focus of the research.

Results of this study will be given in a free webinar presented by Nancy Kelly, managing engineer of Energy Programs at Michaels. Not only did the study identify efficiency opportunities averaging about 19 percent per store, but it also considered a program design for Minnesota utilities to more effectively capitalize on those opportunities. This sector is a compelling market since the uniformity of its conservation opportunities and the ubiquitous nature of convenience stores mean that most every electric utility in Minnesota could benefit from energy reductions in this sector.