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Update on Technical Reference Manual (TRM) review

As noted in previous CIP newsletters, the Division of Energy Resources (DER) funded a third-party comprehensive review of the Minnesota Technical Reference Manual (TRM, formerly known as the Deemed Savings Database) through the CARD program.In last month’s newsletter, we noted that release of the new measure specifications has been delayed. We wanted to provide a brief update on the project.

DER has received the final set of measure specifications as proposed by the contractor, Franklin Energy Services (FES), and FES’s responses to questions from members of the project’s utility advisory board. We are currently sorting through this information with the goal of posting draft measure specifications by Feb. 8 for use by Minnesota Power, Otter Tail Power, and cooperatives and municipals that are beginning their planning process for 2014. After that, we will open a six-week comment period for utilities, implementers, and other interested parties to submit comments and questions. The deadline to submit comments/questions is March 22.

After comments/questions are received, DER will distribute responses and post final measure specifications for 2014. Some measures may be set aside for further discussion with stakeholders.

Please contact project manager Joe Plummer ( or 651-539-1874) with any questions about the TRM update.