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Regulatory CIP filing service list goes paperless for some

The CIP Service List is now available to regulated utilities and state agencies in electronic format only. If you were receiving mailed notifications, make sure you sign up for electronic delivery. Electronic delivery is more efficient and timely, reduces costs, and saves paper and energy. Changing to electronic delivery is easy to do:

  1. Go to the Service List Designation form (.doc)
  2. Fill out the form on line
  3. Print out the form and sign it
  4. Email or fax the signed form to:
    - Email:
    - Fax: 651-297-7073

Note: The CIP Service List is for organizations or people who are active participants in the CIP process (for example, persons who took part in a public utility's previous CIP or last general rate case regarding CIP, or who anticipate participating in the public utility's next CIP). To add or remove your name from the CIP service list, please contact Linda Chavez. If you are interested in staying informed about CIP dockets and filings but will not be an active participant, you should subscribe to our dockets notification list instead, which provides the same documents as a person on the CIP Service List. Subscribe to our dockets notification list here. Go to the “Subscribe to Dockets” button in the lower right of the page.