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You can subscribe to receive email news on a range of energy topics. The email resources are provided by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and include several newsletters, energy tips, funding opportunities, request for proposals (RFPs), and information on distributed wind, fuel monitoring reports, the Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program, and more. The email news will usually link to content on our website. You will need your email address in order to subscribe. We will not sell, share, or use your email address for any purpose other than the emails you receive from us. You may unsubscribe or add topics at any time. Available topics may change from time to time depending on current activities in the department.

Subscribe to email notices and newsletters

Current energy topics available include:

Gaining Green Renewable News: a newsletter that covers a range of renewable energy topics, including innovative initiatives in our state, technological advancements, financial incentives, trainings, and events.

Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) News: a newsletter primarily for utilities and energy efficiency program administrators that covers CIP topics such as efficiency projects, financial incentives, CARD grants, training opportunities, and reports and data.

Funding Opportunities: information on energy-related funding opportunities compiled from a variety of state and national sources.

Request for Proposals (RFPs): information on the latest RFPs issued by Commerce and the Division of Energy Resources.

Consumer Tips and Alerts: information to help consumers save energy and money and avoid scams and dubious energy investments.

Efficiency News: a newsletter that provides information on ways to use less energy and reduce energy bills.

Distributed Wind: latest information and resources about distributed wind activities in the state. 

Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program: get the latest information on the 10-year, $150 million solar incentive program administered by Commerce.

Fuel Monitoring Reports: weekly reports on storage inventories from prime petroleum suppliers within the state.