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Definitions and a list of registered apprenticeship programs related to construction and energy.

Construction Careers
Definitions, types, and explanations of construction related union apprenticeships in Minnesota.

Registered apprenticeship training programs in Minnesota by county (inclusive of energy).

Clean Energy Programs

Opportunities for incumbent, dislocated, or unemployed individuals to prepare for efficiency and renewable energy careers. Some opportunities are free of charge for qualified individuals.

Energy Specialist Program
The Energy Technical Specialist Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree is offered by nine of MN State Colleges and Universities.

Energy-related Training Programs
Comprehensive list of post-secondary energy programs.

Entering Energy
Learn about how to enter and advance in the energy field.

Green Jobs Training
Programs offered by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Includes a brochure with efficiency and renewable training opportunities.

Low-cost Training Database
Includes information on efficiency and renewable energy training programs, areas served, and populations served. Contains over 20 low-cost training opportunities.

Selecting a Renewable Energy Training Program
Important aspects to consider when evaluating renewable energy training programs. A publication from NABCEP.

Energy-Related Certifications

List of energy certifications as they relate to specific traditional and renewable energy careers.


Interactive maps and search tools to find custom training services and post-secondary education programs in Minnesota.

Building Performance Sites
Sites in the Minnesota Building Performance Training Network.

Energy Training Maps
Find energy-related training opportunities throughout the state on maps offered by iSeek.

Small Wind Training Sites
Sites in the Minnesota Small Wind Training Network.

Solar Training Sites