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Energy Savings Program

The Guaranteed Energy Savings Program (GESP) provides technical and financial assistance to state agencies, local government units, school districts, and institutions of higher learning.


  • What We Do

    Summary of our role in the program including the technical and financial assistance available we are able to offer.

  • Program Goals

    How the program supports public institutions in implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofits.

  • Performance Contracts

    Definition and description of the Guaranteed Energy Savings Program energy savings performance contract.

  • Project Development Process

    Summary of 4-phase process used to develop an energy efficiency and renewable energy project.

  • Program Resources

    Includes the GESP master contract and exhibits, list of pre-qualified ESCOs, and the project development process.

  • Stakeholder Resources

    Find meeting agendas, presentations and meeting minutes.

  • State PBEEEP Reports

    Screening and investigation reports completed for state agencies and higher education buildings.

  • Contact Us

    Get in touch by phone or email to ask us questions about the program.