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General Rate Cases

A rate case is a proceeding where there is a “snap-shot in time” of all aspects involved in a utility providing service to its retail customers to include:

  • financial elements (including balance sheet, income statement, and specific adjustments for any such item)

  • cost of capital, sales forecasts, rate design (which involves allocating costs to various customer classes setting rates for each class, and reviewing any changes in services)

  • conservation cost recovery and other factors

The Division of Energy Resources analyzes each aspect of the utility’s proposals in rate cases to ensure that the utility’s ratepayers pay reasonable rates (as required by law) and that the utility has a reasonable opportunity to recover its costs. 

The goal of setting rates through a rate case is that, between rate cases, the utility should have sufficient incentive to minimize costs to increase its profits. Such cost minimization should then be reflected in the subsequent rate case. However, there is always a need to ensure that utilities include only just and reasonable costs in the rate case in the first place.

In the eDocket system: under “Docket Type” select “General Rate Case” to obtain all documents filed in general rate cases. Since numerous documents are filed in general rate cases, it is helpful to use the search results to find the docket number for the rate case(s) of most interest and refine the next search. For example, if a docket number of interest is 11-1234, then select 11 from the drop-down menu for the year and type in 1234 for the number.