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General Information and Tips

Articles, links, and general information about ways to reduce energy use in your home through conservation and efficiency.

Home Energy Audit
We recommend having a home energy audit done before embarking on energy improvements or remodeling. An auditor will inspect and measure the performance of your home with tools such as a blower door and infrared camera. This assessment of how your house is functioning can help you decide what needs fixing, upgrading, or replacement. Contact your local utility or the Minnesota Building Performance Association to schedule an audit.

Financial Incentives
Many utility companies offer incentives on large projects such as furnace replacement. They will give you a discount on your energy bill or send you a rebate check after the work is completed. Other utilities offer free or discounted services or products such as CFL bulbs. Contact your local energy utility or visit for more information.

10 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home
Energy conservation and efficiency are on everyone's mind, and we all want to know what we can do to save energy in our own homes. This article (taken from a larger presentation available from the Division of Energy Resources) gives ten easy things you can do to begin to save energy and reduce your own CO2 emissions.