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Solar Thermal

Information on solar thermal technologies. Includes purchasing considerations, benefits, challenges, and a list of renewable energy installers.

The Value of Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) in Minnesota: Solar Thermal and Minnesota Energy and Climate Goals (.pdf)
This report identifies a series of recommendations designed to reduce market barriers and expand the solar heating and cooling market in Minnesota.

Standardized Load Tables Characterizing Residential Solar Thermal and Solar Electric Installations For Residential Structures in Minnesota (.pdf)
This report includes standard load tables providing guidance for planned solar electric and solar thermal systems and the load capacity of existing single and multi-family dwelling roof structures. The tables allow existing structures that fall within the published guidelines to be accepted as meeting the required standards of safety without further structural analysis.

Unglazed Transpired Solar Collector Technology Overview (.pdf) 
An unglazed transpired solar collector can be used to preheat ventilation air using incident solar energy.  The Solar Wall Report (.pdf) is performance analysis done by Minnesota State University, Mankato on solar walls in Minnesota.

Hiring a Renewable Energy Contractor (.pdf) 
Questions to ask a renewable energy contractor; includes links to maps of solar and wind energy contractors in Minnesota.

Search Renewable Energy Installers Directory 
A directory called Clean Energy Builder is provided by Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS) to find companies in Minnesota that can help you plan, implement and manage clean energy projects.

Get Added to Renewable Energy Installers Directory 
A completely free service provided by Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS) to include your company in the online directory.

Solar Ready Building Design Guidelines (.pdf)       
Guidelines that address specific site planning, building form, space planning, roofing, and mechanical and electrical issues during the design phase of solar ready buildings.

Solar Ready Construction Specification (.pdf)       
Specification that explains how to prepare a building for the future installation of a solar system.