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Solar Data & Reports

A list of data and reports related to solar electric and thermal technologies. 

Solar Ready Construction Specification (.pdf)        
Specification that explains how to prepare a building for the future installation of a solar system.

Solar Ready Building Design Guidelines  (.pdf)       
Guidelines that address specific site planning, building form, space planning, roofing, and mechanical and electrical issues during the design phase of solar ready buildings.

Unglazed Transpired Solar Collector Technology Overview (.pdf)  
An unglazed transpired solar collector can be used to preheat ventilation air using incident solar energy.  The Solar Wall Report (.pdf) is performance analysis done by Minnesota State University, Mankato on solar walls in Minnesota.

Solar Value Report (.pdf)
Analysis of commercial-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems co-located with a building load. This report does not necessarily reflect the positions of the Minnesota Department of Commerce and may not be advocated by the Department in comments before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Wholesale rates in the energy market of the Midwest Independent System operator are highly variable and may not provide the revenue streams assumed in the report. Rates of the Midwest Independent System Operator, such as the Cost of New Entry (CONE) rate, are subject to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and may change.

Renewable Energy School Guide (.pdf)
A step-by-step guide to renewable energy for schools. Includes information on Minnesota school renewable energy systems trends.