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Weatherization Presentations

Information from Division of Energy Resources (DER) weatherization presentations, including webinars, as reference materials for service providers.

Program Year 2015 Policy Training: July 2015

PY15 WAP Contract Updates (.pdf)

WAP Admin Policy – Sections 1-3, 6-8 (.pdf)

Audit Event – Section 4 (.pdf)

Standalone Event – Section 5 (.pdf)

Changing Roles – QCI & Auditor (.pdf)

EAP Presentation (.pdf)

WAP Fiscal Policy – Section 6 (.pdf)

Technical Resources (.pdf)

Weatherization Assistant (WA)(.pdf)

WA Version 8.10 – Major Updates (.pdf)

Program Year 2014 Energy Conference: May 2015

SWS - Introduction (.pdf)

SWS – Ventilation and Baseloads (.pdf)

SWS – Insulation and Air Sealing (part 1 of 2) (.pdf)

SWS – Insulation and Air Sealing (part 2 of 2) (.pdf)

SWS – HVAC (.pdf)

SWS – Health & Safety, Mobile Homes (.pdf)

Site Drawings and NEAT (.pdf)

ERR No Heat Call (.pdf)

Program Management (.pdf)

MinnCAP Conference 2014 - August 5, 2014

Program Year 2014-2015 Updates (.pdf)

Program Year 2014 Budgets (.pdf)

Program Scheduling and Workflow (.pdf)

New NFA Format and Cash Flow Management (.pdf)

Administrative Monitoring - Partnership and Responsibility (.pdf) 

Managing Your Program with eHeat and WA Reports (.pdf)

Your Contract - The Forgotten Compliance Document (.pdf)


Admin Monitoring Webinar (.pdf)

Field Monitoring Webinar (.pdf)

Presentation Slides

WAP Forms Webinar (.pdf)

WAP ARRA Closeout Webinar (.pdf)

Related Documents

WAP ARRA Closeout Cumulative FSR (.xls)