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For Weatherization Providers

Information and resources for service providers of the Weatherization Assistance Program. If you are looking for training resources, visit this section of our website.

Field Guides & Publications
Materials needed to administer the Weatherization Program. Includes field guides, the weatherization glossary, and maps.

Information from DER weatherization presentations, to include webinars, covering financial and technical topics. 

Renewable Energy Equipment Grant Program (REEGP)
Checklists, agreements, and forms for the Renewable Energy Equipment Grant Program.

  • REEGP Indoor Wood/Pellet Stove Checklist - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Wood Stove Certification of Destruction Form - .pdf
  • REEGP Outdoor Wood/Pellet Boiler Checklist - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Final Inspection Agreement - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Project Checklist - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Workflow - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Service Agreement - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Solar Heat Inspection Checklist - .pdf | .doc
  • REEGP Project Form - .pdf
  • Documents Required for Project Approval Process - .pdf | .doc

Service Provider Forms
Forms that all Service Providers are required to complete and submit to the state. Includes the fuel switch request form.

Weatherization Assistance (WA) Instruction Guides
How to install, setup and operate the Weatherization Assistant program, including NEAT and MHEA.

Weatherization Policy Manual
The state policy manual for weatherization service providers. Each section is available as a separate file. 

WAP Wire
The WAP Wire publication is produced on a monthly basis. It contains news and information related to the Minnesota Weatherization Assistance Program.