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Service Provider Forms

Commerce forms for the Weatherization Assistance Program –refer to sections 4 and 5 of the WAP Policy Manual for a list of required forms for audit and standalone events.

Audit Data Collection PY15 Optional Form (.docx) 
Sample form for data collection of home shell information to be used with Manual J Software. 

Blower Door and Pressures (.docx)
To collect data on on blower door tests and house pressure readings.

Client Preparation (.doc)
Checklists for activities the client must complete prior to work and recommended activities to complete after work is completed to increase their energy savings (.doc)

Client Refusal (.doc)
Allows the client to decline weatherization work.

Complaint Description (.doc)
Optional form to document a client complaint regarding weatherization work.

Deferral (.docx)
A checklist with specific conditions that must be met prior to weatherization work.

Final Inspection (.doc)
This form must be signed by the client to acknowledge they understand the list of weatherization work completed. 

Lead Safe Renovation Record-keeping (.doc)
Form to document lead safe practices when renovation takes place at a home.

Lead Test Kit Documentation (.doc)
Fill in details about the owner or occupant and the site to undergo renovation.

Mechanical Testing - Contractors (.docx)
For contractors to use when recording testing procedures completed on mechanical systems in a home.

Mechanical Testing – Inspectors (docx.)
For Service Provider inspectors to use when recording testing procedures completed on mechanical systems in a home.

Out-of-State Travel (.docx)
Complete and submit this form to request out-of-state travel for a conference or training event.

Quality Control Inspection (.doc) 
A checklist for all activities necessary for a quality control inspection

Renovate Right Signature (.pdf)
Form to document that the homeowner received a copy of the lead hazard information pamphlet.

Safety Assessment (.docx) 
Use this form to document safety hazards in homes.

Safety Assessment - Mold and Moisture (.docx) 
Attach to the Safety Assessment form when applicable.

Scope of Work Change Order (.docx)
Complete this form if there is a change in scope of work.

Service Agreement-Audit Event (.doc)
Agreement between the client and service provider on weatherization measures to be completed.

Service Agreement & Completion Certificate – Standalone Event  (.docx)
Agreement between the client and Service Provider on standalone measures to be completed, includes a completion certificate section

Wall Insulation Preparation (.doc)
Description of the process a crew will go through for wall insulation preparation.