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EAP Tools Summary

Includes links to forms, spreadsheets and sample letters that Service Providers need to manage the EAP program. These online documents allow you to save, add Service Provider identification, complete and print the forms electronically. Click on the hyperlinked text for a particular section to "jump" to the related forms. 

Application Processing

Information on application processing .

Entering Application Information in eHEAT (.pdf)       
This document provides guidance, including eHEAT screen shots, for entering applications information into eHEAT.

FFY16 Application Requirements Tool (.pdf) 
This document provides guidance about what application information must be obtained from the EAP household and which information can be obtained from other sources (e.g. prior year eHEAT information, energy vendor disconnect notice, etc.) Highlighted textboxes indicate required information.

Address Standards (Appendix 4B) (.pdf) 
Details on address standards to reduce the entry of duplicate addresses into eHEAT and prevent potential errors and fraud. If a standard is not listed in Appendix 4G, additional guidance can be found at the U.S. Postal Service website

Authorized Alternatives to SSN (Appendix 5G) (.pdf) 
This lists the authorized alternative documents acceptable in place of the Social Security Number (SSN) for the primary applicant for EAP eligibility. 

Safe at Home Participant Instruction (Appendix 4A) (.pdf)
These instructions aid Safe at Home participants in completing the EAP Application without compromising their safety. 

Language Line Information (Appendix 2A) (.pdf)
This explains the Language Line services available for use by EAP Service Providers. 
Statewide Information and Referral Services (Appendix 2B) (.pdf)
This explains the 211 statewide information referral services. 

Income Inclusions and Exclusions (Appendix 5A) (.pdf)
This table details the type of income included and excluded for EAP eligibility determination. 

Self-Employment Income (Appendix 5B) (.xls)
Use the Excel worksheet to determine income and expenses from self-employment. 

Self-Employment Income Cash Accounting Method (Appendix 5C) (.xls)
Use this Excel worksheet to determine income and expenses for rental property and new businesses.

Self-Employment Income Farm Cash Accounting Method (Appendix 5D) (.xls)
Use the Excel format worksheet for new farming operations. 

Verification of Income and Expense Form (Appendix 5E) (.doc)
Appendix 5E – in Spanish (.doc)
Use the English or Spanish version of this Word form to document households claiming no income.   

Social Security Calculation Worksheet (Appendix 5F) (.xls)
Use this Excel worksheet to determine current or prior Social Security and SSI income based on the current or past year's documentation.

Online Income Documentation (Appendix 5H) (.pdf)
This details how households can obtain online Social Security income and Unemployment Insurance income documentation. 

Sample UI Screens (.pdf)
Shows how UI recipients navigate the Unemployment Insurance (UI) website to gather UI benefit information for EAP. 

2015 Benefit Tables - (Appendix 6A & 6B)
Cost-Based Matrix (.pdf) | Back-Up Matrix (.pdf) 
Matrices of EAP Benefit Tables used to calculate benefit amounts.

Mail Return Service Requested (Appendix 10A) (.pdf)
This explains the postal service format an SP should use to mail the letter requesting information about a household move that will result in the SP receiving information that the household has moved and, if available, the new address. 

Affidavit of Failure to Receive MMB Warrant (Appendix 10C) (.doc)
This form is completed and submitted to Minnesota Management & Budget if a household fails to receive a direct payment that was issued to them by EAP. 

Handling Payments and Refunds in eHEAT when a Household Moves (Appendix 10E) (.pdf) 
The vendor refunds any remaining EAP benefit in eHEAT so the Service Provider can re-direct the payment to the household's new vendor. 

Weekly Application Certification Targets (WACT) (.pdf)
This table provides a guideline for the number of approved applications Service Providers might process each week, based on the prior year count of approved applications. 

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Assurance 16 Forms

Information on assurance 16 forms. 

Proactive Energy Self-Sufficiency Plan (A16) (Appendix 9A) (.doc)
Service Providers use this form to propose activities that aim to proactively reduce household energy need and enhance household energy security. Proposals must be approved by Commerce prior to implementing any associated activities, and may be submitted at any time prior to February 1, 2016.

Proactive Energy Self-Sufficiency Report (A16) (Appendix 9B) (.doc)
Service Providers must use this form to report on the results of their approved Proactive Energy Self-Sufficiency Services activities. Reports for approved FFY15 Proactive Energy Self-Sufficiency proposals are due by October 15, 2015. Reports can be submitted earlier if an approved activity or program has been completed.

Responsive Energy Self-Sufficiency & Outreach Activities Report (A16) (Appendix 9C) (.doc)
Service Providers must use this form to report on their Responsive Energy Self-Sufficiency and Outreach activities to demonstrate program impact, maintain accountability, and identify best practices. This report is due to the Commerce A16 Coordinator via by October 15, 2015.

Reasonable Payment Worksheet (.xls)
Excel worksheet to determine a household's minimum "Reasonable Payment" to their energy vendors.

A16 Fiscal Training (.ppt)
This is a training presentation to understand A16 allocation and reporting. The training covers the allocation approach and how funds are shown on the Notice of Funds Availability (NFA) and the Financial Status Report (FSR) in eHEAT.

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Heating Cost Forms

Information on heating cost forms. 

Biofuel Worksheet (Appendix 6C) (.xls)
Use this Excel document to determine the average cost for biofuel (wood, corn, pellets) when documentation of actual cost is not available

Letter for Information About Household Move (Appendix 10B) (.doc)
Use the Word template to correspond with households whose benefit has been returned by a vendor because they moved.

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EAP Notification

Information on EAP notification 

eHEAT Letters Examples (Appendix 11A) (.pdf)

These are examples of the EAP letters generated through eHEAT. Examples include Notification, Request for Information, and Denial Letters.

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Vendor Management Forms

Information on vendor management. 

Energy Vendor Refunds in eHEAT (Appendix 10D) (.pdf) 
Directions for Service Providers to assist energy vendors with refunds. 

Entering Delivery Information in eHEAT (.pdf)
This document explains how delivered fuel energy vendors enter post-delivery information into eHEAT for Crisis events.

FFY2016 Agreement Between Energy Vendor and Service Provider (Appendix 3A) (.doc)
Agreement outlining the interaction between EAP vendors and Service Providers to assure understanding.

Energy Vendor Registration for EAP Payment (Appendix 3G) (.doc)
To receive payments through the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) an energy vendor must register with the Minnesota Energy Assistance Program by completing this form. This also registers vendors for eHEAT.

Bank Change Request Form (.pdf)
This form is completed by energy vendors to make changes to their direct deposit authorization for electronic funds transfer. This update is handled directly by Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB), not by Commerce staff. This form should be submitted directly to MMB, as indicated on the document.

FFY2016 EAP Policy Manual Chapter 3 - Energy Vendors (.pdf)
This is Chapter 3 is from the FFY2016 EAP Policy Manual and contains most of the primary policies for EAP energy vendors.

W-9 Form (
Energy vendors seeking to be included as vendor in eHEAT and receive payments from the Energy Assistance Program must now submit to the Department of Commerce a completed W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form which can be downloaded from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service by clicking on the W-9 Form link above.

Crisis Fuel - Post Delivery Verification Form (Appendix 3E) (.doc)
This form is used to obtain energy vendor Crisis fuel post-delivery information when all necessary information is not otherwise obtained through eHEAT, by phone, email, fax or delivery slip. However, it is preferred that energy vendors submit post-delivery information in eHEAT. Service Providers may not edit the content of this form; however, when necessary, can use the "Additional Information" box for information unique to the energy vendor they are working with. The Service Providers can use this box to communicate questions or information regarding or for the purpose of obtaining program requirements only.

Energy Vendor Price List (Appendix 3F) (.doc)
Upon request, energy vendors must provide a written price list (using this form or another acceptable format) for normal and customary services for home energy costs.

Energy Vendor Monitoring Report Cover Letter  (Appendix 3D) (.doc)

Energy Vendor Monitoring Report (Appendix 3C) (.doc) Form used by Service Providers to document vendor monitoring.

Tool used by Service Providers to review each completed Energy Vendor Monitoring Report. 

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Information and Reporting Forms

Information and reporting to be submitted by providers. 

EAP Contract FFY2015 (Appendix 15A) (.pdf)
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Grant Contract (also referred to as the EAP Contract) serves as the written agreement between the Commerce and all Service Providers who deliver EAP services.

Certifications Regarding Lobbying; Debarment, Suspension and Other (Appendix 15B) (.pdf)
Signature of this form provides for compliance with certification requirements.

Service Provider Out of State Travel Request Form (Appendix 16D) (.doc)
Requests must be submitted to at least one month prior to travel using this form. The Service Provider must specify how much of the total travel cost will be paid for with EAP funds. If non-EAP funds will be used, identify the other fund sources and the amounts.

Local Level Formal Appeals - Required Tracking Sheet (Appendix 12B) (.doc)
Must be used by Service Providers to track all local level formal appeals and updates as they occur. The department may request this information at any time.

Incident Report Form (Appendix 12A) (.doc)
Use the Word form to report unusual circumstances or misspent EAP funds due to fraud or error.

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Data Practices Forms

Information on data practices forms. 

Energy Programs Service Provider eHeat Administrator Security Agreement (Appendix 13C) (.pdf)
This document is signed by eHEAT Security Administrators to ensure understanding of data practices.

Energy Programs Service Provider eHeat User Security Agreement (Appendix 13D)
This document is signed by eHEAT users to ensure understanding of data practices.  It is available as a Word.doc or as a PDF file.

Informed Consent for Release of Data Form (Appendix 13A) (.pdf)
This form authorizes release of information collected, maintained, or created by the Energy Assistance Program.  This Consent is needed to verify what specific private data to release and to protect.

Debtors Exemption Claim Notice Example (Appendix 13B) (.doc)

Template for Garnishment Response Letter (Appendix 13E) (.doc)
This sample letter is provided to help Service Providers respond to garnishment information requests.

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Crisis and Energy Related Repair (ERR) Forms

Information on crisis and energy related repair forms. 

ERR Forms (Appendix 8A) (.xls)
The ERR Completion Certificate, Replacement Inspection Tool, and Troubleshooting Tool are combined in one Excel workbook with the capacity to populate all forms at once with household data downloaded from eHEAT.

ERR eHEAT Screen Instructions (.pdf)
Instructions providing additional guidance on ERR eHEAT screens to help train new staff.

Crisis Eligibility Decision Chart (Appendix 7) (.pdf)
This chart guides Service Providers in determining if a household is eligible for a Crisis benefit.

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Monitoring Forms

Information on monitoring forms.  

Service Provider EAP Program Audit Disclosure Letter (Appendix 17A) (.doc)
Service Providers submit the Disclosure Letter within one week after completion of the Commerce annual onsite full monitoring visit. 

Full Program Audit Tool (fPAT) (.doc)
EAP Program Coordinators complete the Full Program Audit Tool just prior to the Full Audit Visit from their Program Performance Auditor. The fPAT assists EAP in identifying, reviewing and evaluating Service Provider performance in major areas of compliance.

Required and Optional EAP Forms (.pdf)
This document formally details which EAP forms are required and which are optional for use by Service Providers.

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Fiscal Forms

Information on fiscal forms.  

Request for Additional ERR Funds (Appendix 16A) (.xls)
Use the Excel format to request ERR funds when the allocation is depleted.

Audit Report Schedule (Appendix 16B) (.pdf)
This lists the audit report submission due dates for each EAP Service Provider.

Service Provider Purchase/Disposition Request (Appendix 16C) (.doc)
This Word document is used to obtain Commerce approval for purchase or disposition of non-expendable personal property

Expenditure Detail Report (.xls) (Appendix 14B)
Use the Excel format worksheet as part of the final closeout package. The FFY15 final closeout package is due Nov. 1, 2015.

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Leveraging Forms

Information on leveraging forms.  

Leveraging Tracking Form (Appendix 14C) (.xls)
This optional form may help track EAP leveraging benefits so it easier to report on next year's Leveraging Survey.

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