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Performance & Planning

Service Quality 

Electric and natural gas utilities in Minnesota are required to submit service quality reports. These reports address items such as involuntary service disconnections and call center response times. 

View the most recent list below of service quality reports filed in the eDockets system. For tips on how to find reports in the system, view the help files.

Utility  Current Dockets
IPL - electric 14-282
MP 14-281
OTP 14-279
Xcel - electric 14-131
CenterPoint 14-316
IPL - natural gas 14-374
Great Plains 14-332
Greater MN Gas 13-362
MERC 14-365
Xcel - natural gas 14-367

Minn. Statute § 216B.029, Minn. Rules, Chapter 7826 defines standards for distribution utilities.

If you have questions about Service Quality Reports contact our Energy Information Center at 800-657-3710 or 

Integrated Resource Plans

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is one of the most important planning tools and road maps for each electric utility. In general, the goal of an IRP is to set out a reasonable plan to ensure that a utility can meet its customers’ needs in a reliable and low-cost manner. The word “integrated” refers to the goal of ensuring that the utility uses both generation and demand-response resources. 

The Division of Energy Resources ensures that the utility has a reasonable (e.g., low-cost and in compliance with statutes) plan to meet its customers’ needs. Further, based on the division’s analysis, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission determines in an IRP whether or not a utility has made a “good-faith effort” to meet Minnesota’s renewable energy standard (RES).

View the most recent list of plans below. In the eDocket system: under “Docket Type” select “Resource Planning” to obtain documents in integrated resource plans. For tips on how to find these documents in the system, view the help files.

Utility Current Dockets Upcoming Notes
Basin 14-534 N/A Optional IRP Report
IPL 14-77 N/A
Xcel 13-368 01/2/2015 competitive resource acquisition (12-1240) and wind acquisitions (13-603 and 13-716) are related dockets
MP 13-53 09/1/2015
Missouri River 10-735 07/1/2016 Status update due July 1, 2014
Dairyland 14-572 N/A Optional IRP Report
OTP 13-961 12/1/2015
MMPA 13-1165 N/A
Minnkota & Northern Muni 14-526 N/A
SMMPA 13-1104 N/A
GRE 14-813 N/A

Minn. Rules Chapter 7843 and Minn. Statute §§ 216B.2421 is the statute that defines a large energy facility.

Minn. Statute §§ 216B.2422 is the statute that defines resource planning.

If you have questions about integrated resource plans contact our Energy Information Center at 800-657-3710 or