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Biodisel Content Mandate

All biodiesel fuel sold or offered for sale in MN for use in internal combustion engines must contain the following percentage of biodiesel fuel oil by volume. “Biodiesel fuel” means a renewable e, biodegradable, mono alkyl ester combustible liquid fuel that is derived fro agricultural and other plant oils (excluding palm oil) or animal fats. 

May 2009: 5 percent
May 2011: 10 percent
May 2013: 15 percent
May 2015: 20 percent

The minimum content levels are effective during the months of April, May, June, July, August, September, and October only. The minimum content for the remainder of the year is five percent. 

Status: It is estimated that the state’s B5 requirement is replacing about 40 million gallons of diesel fuel with domestic, renewable biodiesel—and Minnesota’s 65 million gallons of biodiesel production capacity can easily meet that demand. Before an increase from 5% can be implemented the law (Minn. Stat. § 239.77, Subd. 2 (a)) requires the commissioners of agriculture, commerce and the pollution control agency to determine whether four statutory conditions have been met. These conditions involve federal standards for blend specifications, the production capacity of biodiesel in Minnesota, the amount of infrastructure and regulatory protocol for biodiesel blending, and the source of feedstocks. 

After much discussion and in consultation with the Minnesota Biodiesel Task Force and with stakeholders, the commissioners agree that these four conditions have not been met completely in Minnesota. Therefore, the commissioners recommend a one-year delay (May 31, 2013) in the implementation of the B10 minimum content requirement.