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Transportation Fuels

The Weekly Fuels Monitoring Report is published by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources each month. These reports provide storage inventories from Prime Petroleum suppliers within the state. This data is used for administering the petroleum set-aside program. Reports also include data from the Energy Information Administration as well as information from the Department of Revenue showing total monthly consumption of motor fuels.

This page contains volume and price data on use of E-85 in Minnesota covering the years 1997 to present and a list of E-85 stations.  

Annual report on promotion efforts for meeting Minnesota’s petroleum replacement goals. 

Biobased Diesel Alternatives  (Minnesota Department of Ariculture)
Summary of developmental progress and market viability of biobased alternatives to diesel fuel.

Annual report on Minnesota’s biodiesel industry and policies.

Update on Minnesota’s E20 mandate and other ethanol policies.