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Electric and Gas Utilities

The Minnesota Utility Data Book provides aggregate information reported by Minnesota utilities through 2011. It also provides data reported by individual companies for the year 2011.

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is one of the most important planning tools and road maps for each electric utility. In general, the goal of an IRP is to set out a reasonable plan to ensure that a utility can meet its customers’ needs in a reliable and low-cost manner. The word “integrated” refers to the goal of ensuring that the utility uses both generation and demand-response resources. The Division of Energy Resources ensures that the utility has a reasonable (e.g., low-cost and in compliance with statutes) plan to meet its customers’ needs. Further, based on the division’s analysis, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission determines in an IRP whether or not a utility has made a “good-faith effort” to meet Minnesota’s renewable energy standard (RES).