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Investor Education

Consumer education and outreach are among our top priorities. These tools, tips, and warnings will help you avoid scams and make informed investment decisions in today's complex financial marketplace.


  • Internet Investment Scams

    When it comes to investment opportunities on the Internet, our advice is "buyer beware."

  • Top Ten Investment Scams

    Information about the top ten pitfalls investors should be watching out for.

  • Investment Traps

    Make sure you have all the information you need to make a well-informed investment.

  • About Investment Analysts

    Understand the role of an investment analyst and how to make investment decisions that fit your unique circumstances.

  • Securities Record Requests

    Filings submitted for registration or exemption are public, including applications, financial disclosures, and annual reports.

  • Financial Planner FAQs

    Get your questions answered about financial planners and investment advisers.

  • Senior Investor Education

    Keep your money safe with these investment tips for senior citizens.