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Debt Collector Registration

Details on how to apply for individual Debt Collector registration.

Surety Bond Forms

A collection agency/branch representative must go to, log into the agency's user account, click on "Minnesota Department of Commerce" for the program and "Debt" for the board, and click on "Submit License Application" and "Begin an Individual License Application."

  1. The registration fee is $15. In accordance with Minn. Stat. 16E.22, this fee includes a 10% OET surcharge, which is being collected on behalf of the Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology to fund a statewide electronic licensing system. The online system vendor also charges a $9.95 application fee and a credit card processing fee.

  2. After you submit an individual debt collector registration application, you should do an application status inquiry on to see when the registration is issued.

  3. The debt collector must be employed by a collection agency that holds a Minnesota license for the physical location where the debt collector conducts business.