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Financial Institutions

The Minnesota Department of Commerce licenses, monitors, and regulates the state's financial services industries. Find forms, applications, and other information about those industries here.



  • Banks

    Information you need to operate a state-chartered bank in Minnesota.

  • Credit Unions

    Information you need to operate a credit union in Minnesota.

  • Collections

    Licensing requirements, applications, and financial statement forms for collection agencies and debt collectors.

  • Debt Management

    Information you need to run a credit service organization, debt management firm, or debt settlement business in Minnesota.

  • Finance Companies

    Information for payday lenders, premium finance companies, industrial loan and thrift, motor vehicle finance, and regulated lenders.

  • Investment Certificates and Safe Deposit

    Information and applications for investment certificate and safe deposit companies in Minnesota.

  • Money Transfers

    Information about ATMs, check cashing, electronic funds transfers, and money transmitters.

  • Mortgage

    Information about accelerated payments, legislative changes in the mortgage industry, and licensing requirements.

  • Savings Banks & Associations

    Learn about what we do to regulate savings banks and state-chartered savings associations in Minnesota.

  • Safe Deposits

    Information on and for safe deposit companies.

  • Trust Companies

    Learn how to organize a trust company in Minnesota.