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Open Commissions and Appointments

Occasionally the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce will need to make appointments for councils, boards, task forces, and commissions. If there are no listings on this page that means there are currently no vacancies to be filled on councils, boards, task forces, and commissions associated with the Minnesota Department of Commerce.  
For more information on State of Minnesota councils, boards, task forces, and commissions visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website.  

Current Vacancies

1 EAST WACKER DR., Suite 3120
CHICAGO, IL 60601          888-706-6100

Appointing:       Commissioner of Commerce
Compensation:  $100 per diem for public members
Vacancies: Five (5) - Public Members

The Governing Committee shall have the power to direct the operation of the facility [the Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan] in all pursuits consistent with the purposes of sections 65B.01 to 65B.12.  While there are no specific eligibility requirements in the statute, public members need some knowledge of motor vehicle insurance to be able to effectively serve on the governing committee.  Meetings are held on a semi-annual basis, at various locations in the twin city area.

1201 MARQUETTE, #310
MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55403          612-338-7584
M.S. 65A.31-42

Appointing:       Commissioner of Commerce
Compensation:  $200 per diem plus expenses
Vacancies:        Three (3) – Public Members

The board administers the MN Fair Plan Act to make property, homeowners and commercial insurance available statewide.  The nine members include five member company directors elected by the member companies, and four appointed public directors.  There is also one non-voting member representing the Department of Commerce.  Meetings are held four time a year at the MN Fair Plan Office.

85 E 7TH PL, STE 500
ST. PAUL, MN  55101          651-539-1730
M.S. 60C.08, SUBD. 1.

Appointing:       Commissioner of Commerce
Compensation: Reimbursed for expenses
Vacancies:        Two (2) -           Public Members

The association provides for the payment of covered claims to avoid financial loss to policyholders because of the liquidation of an insurer.  The nine members include two public members who are appointed by the Commissioner of the Dept. of Commerce for a period of two years.  Meetings are as needed.  There is no set meeting location.

85-7TH PL. E., #500
ST. PAUL, MN  55101-2198          651-222-0484
M.S. 62I.02.

Appointing:       Commissioner of Commerce
Compensation: $200 per diem plus mileage
Vacancies:        Four (4) - One Healthcare Provider

Three representatives of groups to whom coverage has been extended by the association.  
The association provides liability insurance coverage for persons unable to obtain it through ordinary means where coverage is required by law or is necessary for the conduct of business and serves a public purpose.  The Association will provide insurance to eligible persons or entities unable to obtain insurance in the private marketplace.  The statutory purpose of the Association is not to be a market competition or a market regulator.  The association shall have a board of directors composed of 15 persons chosen as follows: seven persons elected by members of the association at a meeting called by the commissioner; eight public members, as defined in section 214.02, appointed by the commissioner, one of whom is a licensed medical health care professional and two of whom are representing groupos insured by the MJUA; and three members, appointed by the commissioner representing groups to whom coverage has been extended by the association. 

The terms of the members shall be four years.  Terms may be staggered so that no more than six members are appointed or elected every two years.  Members may serve until their successors are appointed or elected.  If at any time no coverage is currently extended by the association, then either additional public members may be appointed to fill these three positions or, at the option of the commissioner, representatives from groups who had previously been covered by the association may serve as directors.  In the event that the commissioner assigns the responsibility for administering Chapter 62F to the Minnesota Joint Underwriting Association, the board of directors must be increased by four additional members.  The commissioner shall appoint two of the additional members, one of whom must be a licensed health care provider, and one of whom must be a public member.  Association members shall elect the other two members, one of whom must be  representative of medical malpractice insurers, and one of whom must be a representative of personal injury liability insurers.  Quarterly meetings are held, and may meet more frequently when necessary.  There is no set meeting location.

7701 FRANCE AVE. S., # 450
MPLS., MN  55435-3200          952-897-1737
M.S. 79.61 

Appointing:       Commissioner of Commerce
Compensation:  Reimbursement for expenses
Vacancies:        One (1) -           Employer Representative

The association oversees the administration of the Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers' Association (Data Services Organization).  The twelve members include two employer representatives who are appointed by the Commissioner of Commerce.  Meetings are held on a quarterly basis, at 7701 France Ave, #450, Minneapolis, MN.

How to Apply

Applications submitted by June 26, 2012 are assured full consideration by the appointing authority.  Appointing authorities for these agencies may choose to review applications received by the Secretary of State after that date.  Application are kept on file of a one year period.

Please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website for full information and FAQs regarding vacancies in multi-member agencies.

Submit an online application to the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Or contact the Secretary of State at:

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