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Continuing Education Sponsor Approval

To obtain approval from BENHA for CE programs the sponsoring organization must:
1. Provide programming which relates to a current core competency as defined by the NAB Domains of Practice which pertains toone of the following in Minn. Rule 6400.6800 Subp. 4:
A. administration of services for persons needing long term care;
B. current issues and trends in long term care;
C. the relationship of long term care to other aspects of the health care continuum; and
D. responsibilities, tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform nursing home administrator functions in the NAB domains of practice [areas of resident care management, personnel management, financial management, environmental management, governance and management].
Unacceptable subjects for programming [in Minn. Rule 6400.6800 Subp. 5] include topics regarding general personal development,including stress management, facility or company orientation, facility or company policies or procedural issues, organizationalfunctions (such as business meetings and election of officers), and medical treatment at a clinical level beyond that required forlicensure as a nursing home administrator. In-service education conducted by facility staff, focusing on how to do andlsquo;X in ourorganization will not be approved. Webinars that do not meet the verification requirements.
2. Include with the application a conference program brochure and a detailed schedule showing:
a) program breakdown by time sequence b) summary of each session/content c) speaker qualifications
Example: 8:00 - 9:00 Registration; 9:00 - 10:00 Alzheimers workshop; 10:00 - 10:15 BreakIf the program is video or home study, attach a workbook or other sample of program content.
3. Issue each attendee a signed certificate of attendance specifying the number of clock hours actually awarded. For home studyprograms, include test results or other independent means of verifying participation and learning. Attach a copy of the test. Forwebinars,
4. Inform BENHA of any cancellation or rescheduling of the program or if the program is repeated at a date or location other than as
specified on the application.
To submit content for approval, download and complete the Application for CE Approval
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