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Annual Renewal

The Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators (BENHA) issues licenses annually for the year running from July 1 to June 30. To remain continuously licensed you must meetcontinuing education requirementsand renew your license annually by June 30.

Display of License

Any licensee serving as the administrator of a Minnesota nursing home is required to display their license in a conspicuous place in the facility visible to residents and visitors. Others may keep their licenses in any safe, easily accessible place.

Duplicate License for Second Facility

Licensees who serve as administrators for two facilities must obtain a second (duplicate) license from the board so that they can display their license at both facilities that they administer. There is a $10 fee.

Duplicate License for Lost/Destroyed Licenseor Name Change

Any licensee who loses, destroys or damages their license (or has a name change requiring a new license) may obtain a duplicate license for a fee of $10 and a notarized statement concerning the disposition of their earlier issued license. For a name change, a copy of the legal document showing preand post names is preferred.

Licensure Information Furnished To Other States (Current and Past Licensees)

A Minnesota licensee seeking licensure in another state will generally need to have BENHA furnish the other state information about his/her license in Minnesotaandmdash;when it was first granted, what qualifications were met, NAB exam scores, whether discipline has ever been imposed, etc. BENHA will provide this information, authenticated with the official seal of the board as is usually required by other states, for a $30 fee. Licensees requesting this service should send their check(payable to MN-BENHA)with a note namingthe state to which theMinnesota verificationis to be sent.

Online License Verification is available and encouraged. This is the official for your license to be validated and verified to other states. Licenses that expired prior to the use of our current database will not be available online. Only an official verification (see above) is available for those.

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