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Application Requirements

What requirements must I meet to get licensed?

Obtain and complete an application for licensure either online or by paper. This opens your file with the board. Either at the time you submit your application or as you proceed through the licensure process you must show evidence that you have completed the following:

  • A bachelors or higher degree
  • Accredited post-secondary academic courses in:
    • Organizational management
    • Managerial accounting
    • Gerontology
    • Health care and medical needs of long term care residents
    • Nursing facility services
    • Human resources
    • Regulatory management
    • Information uses
  • An approved practicum taken for academic credit through a college or university but performed at a nursing home under the direction of a licensed nursing home administrator
  • National (NAB) exam andState exam covering Minnesota statutes and rules about nursing facility operation

Getting Started with a NHA License

  • Review the Applicant Handbook to answer any questions you have about application, exams, and the licensure process before application. The Applicant Handbook is a thorough and valuablereferenceguide for the first few years of licensure.
  • All candidates must complete the Application with one of the following licensure tracks:
    • Option A:New Graduate from Minnesota or NAB LNHA program with examinations
    • Option B: Applicant with experience/course waivers, with examinations (If you have previously submitted an Educational Review, please submit a paper application)
    • Option C: Endorsement: LNHA/Administrator of Record in two of previous five years
    • Option D: ACHCA Certification
  • Request Official Transcript (s) from the your college registrar's office showing minimum of BA/BS in addition to any LTC coursework
  • Submit a Current Resume
  • If currently or previously licensed in another state(s), contact each jurisdiction to have a License Verification sent to the Minnesota Board (Options B, C, D)

How does the licensure process work? Will you keep me informed of my progress?

Upon receipt of your application to open a file with the board, BENHA staff will review your application and any accompanying documentation. They will assign you an identification number and will notify you of your ID number and of the date of your application receipt. Your application is valid for 18 months. You must reapply if you have not obtained licensure within that time. The staff will also let you know by e-mail or written document which of the requirements your documentation satisfies and which requirements you have left to complete. Each time critical information is received from you, from the school(s) where youre completing courses, or from NAB about test scores, etc., board staff will provide you an update via email to let you know what the office shows to your credit and what you have left to finish. When you have met all the requirements and qualify to be fully licensed, BENHA will mail you an initial license application form to complete and return, along with the fee, to apply for your license as an administrator.

Applicants already licensed as nursing home administrators in one or more other states should review the Endorsement Requirements, rules for licensure, and course requirements outlined in the last pages of the Applicant Handbook.


Accredited Programs

Initial Licensure Requirements

Endorsement Requirements

Paper Application

Exams - RC/AL, NAB, State

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