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2010 Board of Medical Practice Lymes Disease Resolution

2015 Joint Statement on Pain Management - Minnesota Boards of Medical Practice, Nursing, and Pharmacy

Pain management and opioid prescription drug abuse are significant issues in healthcare today. There is a critical balance between preventing opioid misuse and managing pain. In the United States, 46 people die from a prescription opioid overdose each day. In 2007, the cost of prescription opioid abuse was estimated at $55.7 billion. In 2013, the leading cause of death due to injury was drug overdose with 51.8% being related to prescription drugs.  Click the above link to read the full statement.

Press Release - Boards Adopt Updated Joint Statement On Pain Management, December 30, 2015

The Minnesota Boards of Medical Practice, Nursing, and Pharmacy recently updated their Joint Statement on Pain Management. The Boards adopted the first Joint Statement on Pain Management in 2004, which was reaffirmed in 2009, to give guidance regarding untreated or inadequately-treated pain. In 2015, the Boards again reviewed the issue of pain management to offer added guidance regarding appropriate prescribing with emphasis on the critical balance between pain management and the potential misuse of controlled substance medications.

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