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Applicants for licensure must complete post-graduate clinical client contact hours under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor.  Board-approved supervisors are individuals who have met the requirements of Minnesota Rule 5300.0160, applied to the Board for approved supervisor status, and have been granted such status by the Board.  All applicants for licensure and LAMFTs must practice under the supervision of a Board-approved LMFT supervisor until independently licensed as a LMFT.  

Post-graduate clinical client contact hours and supervision hours may begin to be logged after the applicant has completed the educational requirements for licensure.  This is generally indicated on the applicant’s graduate transcript as the date on which the graduate degree in MFT is awarded by the graduate school.  Logging of post-graduate hours may begin on the day after the MFT degree is awarded.

Post-graduate supervision hours are required to be face-to-face under Minnesota Rule.  A supervisee may file an administrative variance request with this Board seeking permission to engage in synchronous electronic supervision, if a need or hardship exists which prevents the supervisee from meeting face-to-face with the Board-approved LMFT supervisor (e.g. travel distance, weather, etc.).  The Request for Administrative Variance form is available on the “Forms” page of this website.  Variances may request up to 25% (50 hours) of supervision be provided via synchronous electronic methods.  Please note:  The variance request must be filed with the Board and approved before the supervisee may begin logging electronic supervision hours; retroactive approval of such hours is not granted by the Board.  

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