A list of the reportable animal diseases in Minnesota is also available as a printable PDF.

Diseases listed are to be reported for all domestic species except where otherwise noted. Call the Board of Animal Health at 651-296-2942.

MINN. STAT. § 35.06: A person who knows or reasonably suspects that a contagious or infectious disease exists in a domestic animal shall immediately notify the board.

MINN. R. 1721.0020 Subpart 7: A person who knows or reasonably suspects that an animal is infected with a disease listed on the Board's reportable animal diseases list must immediately report that knowledge or suspicion to the board.


Conditions/Diseases listed
below are to be reported
for all domestic species except
where otherwise noted.

Report suspect or
clinically diagnosed
cases within 48 hours.

Positive test results
from a Minnesota
animal, obtained
from a public/private
diagnostic laboratory.

Foreign Animal Disease (FAD)
(e.g. Foot and Mouth Disease, Vesicular Diseases, Classical Swine Fever, Exotic Newcastle Disease, Contagious Equine Metritis)

x x
Anthrax x x
Avian Chlamydiosis x
Avian Encephalomyelitis x
Avian Metapneumovirus x
Blastomycosis x
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy x x
Brucellosis x
Chronic Wasting Disease x
Equine Encephalitis (avian and equine) x
Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy x
Equine Infectious Anemia x
Equine Piroplasmosis  x
Infectious Laryngotracheitis x
Influenza (avian and canine) x
Johne’s Disease, Paratuberculosis x
Mycoplasma gallisepticum (breeder flocks only) x
Mycloplasma meleagridis (breeder flocks only) x
Mycoplasma synoviae (breeder flocks only) x
Pseudorabies x x
Pullorum-Typhoid Disease x
Q Fever x
Rabies (Wild & domestic species) x x
Salmonella entertidis (chicken egg-layers only) x
Scrapie x x
Tuberculosis x x
Tularemia (wild & domestic species) x
West Nile Virus x
Yersinia pestis  x
Vector-borne diseases of public health significance
(e.g. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, not Lyme Disease)
Zoonotic diseases of public health significance
(e.g. Taenia saginata, Taenia solium, Echinococcus granulosis)
Chemical Toxicity or Contamination
(livestock or poultry)
x x

Where to report:

  • Board of Animal Health - (651) 296-2942 or District Veterinarian (business hours)
  • Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory - 320‐231‐5170 (business hours)
  • Minnesota Duty Officer - (800) 422-0798 (after hours)