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What is CI?

Understanding continuous improvement -- or CI for short -- isn't hard. Anyone can learn and apply the various concepts and tools. Get started here and you'll be a CI expert in no time!

The Basics

Want to know what this CI stuff is all about in a nutshell? Get up to speed here. 


From the offices of Bell Telephone Labs to manufacturing floors in Japan, CI has deep roots. 

How CI Works

Everyone's secret formula for CI success is a little bit different. But here are some common ingredients.

CI Tools

The 8 Wastes. 5S. Kaizen. Standard Work. These are some of the basic principles of CI. 

CI in MN

CI has been right at home here in Minnesota. See how it's taken shape in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


You've got questions, we've got answers. Before you ask, start with these frequently asked questions.


Don't let CI terminology scare you. It's easy with this glossary of commonly used terms and acronyms.

Online Training

This webinar provides an intro to the basics of CI that you can complete right from the comfort of your computer.