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The power of CI is at your fingertips with our numerous resources. Training slides, templates, handouts, links, and more -- all served up fresh from the Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement. 

Getting Started

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Want to use CI like a pro? We'll help you get started.

Resource Library

Fill up your personal CI toolbox. We've got training materials, handouts, templates and more. 

Find a CI Expert

There's no shortage of CI experts in Minnesota state government. Let's find one near you.

Master Contract

Bring in outside consulting services quickly and easily with the State's Lean Master Contract.

CI Index

Want to know if CI is part of your organization's DNA? Use our CI Index to find out using data.

CI User Group

Come together with other CI experts from around Minnesota. Talk shop, network and learn. 


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You've got questions, we've got answers. Before you ask, start with these frequently asked questions.


Want even more CI? Here's your gateway to some of the best information from around the web.

Photo Gallery

Take in the visual splendor of post-it notes, swim lane maps, Kaizen teams and much more.