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Continuous Improvement


The Department of Administration is committed to bringing systematic innovation and continuous improvement methodologies to state and local government. To this end, Admin created the Enterprise Lean Program in 2008 to act as the State's central office of continuous improvement. The Lean approach aims to refine processes, reduce waste and ensure the highest levels of efficiency and performance within an organization. The principles originated in the worlds of business and manufacturing, and the state has modeled its approach after those used by a number of Minnesota’s leading private sector companies, including General Mills.

Our Lean Program offers training to state employees on the basics of Lean and continuous improvement tools, in addition to more advanced training on facilitating "kaizen" process improvement events. We also help State offices and teams in coordinating and facilitating process improvement events and other continuous improvement projects.

To date, Admin has trained over 4,200 government employees in Lean principles and over 1,000 in facilitation skills. We've assisted with over 300 events and projects through coordination, planning, facilitation and co-facilitation. All told, we've connected with state agencies, cities, counties, schools, and colleges all across the state to talk about continuous improvement. These efforts have real results, saving money and staff time, while improving the quality of State services.

Learn more about our work and find out how you can get involved using the links below.

Lean Program

The home page for the state's Enterprise Lean program. Go here to learn more about Lean and the State's continuous improvement efforts.


Lean training sessions are available for all state employees, as well as other public sector employees, free of charge. Register today!


For a full listing of Lean training dates and other continuous improvement events, check out our calendar.


Whether you're looking for kaizen event tools, presentations and handouts or other Lean resources, we've got you covered.


A rundown of past continuous improvement events and other efforts and achievements from across the State.


Have questions about Lean training, event facilitation, or continuous improvement efforts? Contact our Enterprise Lean office.